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Oct. 8th, 2009

 I don't usually recommend other people's fanfiction, but, my god, you have to read this:

Title: Someone's Dog
Author: Kindkit
Warning: Sadness


and this 

Title: Master and Servant
Author: Kindkit
Warning: Slashy goodness


Unseen Academicals....

So I've been thinking about the Vetinari/Margolotta thing...
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I got Unseen Academicals today...

...and I've flicked ahead, and I don't actually want to scratch my eyes out! I'm going to read it at work tonight, so I'm in for a good night at least :)

All I'm going to say about what I've read so far is...Drunk!Vetinari is the best ever!!! 


EDIT: I've read it and...wow. Just WOW. I'm still not keen on the 'Margolotta is the new Vetinari' thing, and she does come off as a bit...y'know...but that is one bloody brilliant book! 

I can't sleep

 ...and I haven't been able to, for about a week now. I should clarify; I'm sleeping a bit, but it's an hour here, an hour there, and if I'm really lucky, I'm able to crash after work and get three or four hours at most, but it's all during the day and even the amount I'm getting there is starting to go down.

I've tried exercise and sticking to a routine, and all the things you're supposed to but it isn't helping. It's only been a week, and it isn't so much that I'm getting tired, because I'm not. In fact I seem to functioning quite well on the three or four hours a day that I'm getting, but I am slightly concerned that it's all going to suddenly catch up to me and I'll start to sidle up to people in the street and ask them if they know about Project Mayhem.

Unseen Academicals

 I've just read the first 77 pages of Unseen Academicals that are available on the HarperCollins website and...

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So I'm Watching Twilight:

 Twenty minutes into this film and not only can none of them act, but Kristen Stewart is possibly the worst actress I've ever seen. Someone should tell her that sighing and shaking your head every three seconds does not constitute acting.
Robert Pattison isn't making me want to rip out my eyes just yet, although it's only a matter of time, I'm guessing.
Bad, bad, bad.
This movie doesn't make any sense, storywise.
There absolutely no chemistry between the leads.
I think Pattison can act, sort of, but the script is appalling, and it isn't helping.
The direction is terrible.
An hour and five minutes into this and this film has actually become painful to watch.
I've come to the conclusion that this is actually a music video and someone forgot to add the song by accident. 
There's no connection to the story; it looks like a series of clips just mashed together.
Ok, I take it back; I've just seen the baseball scene with the hissing and this is the funniest shit of ALL TIME.
Seriously, this won Best Fight????
No, wait, he can't act.
This has gone back to being painful again.
Why was that James guy after Bella??? Was it just because she was going out with Edward???
So, James, the 'scary' vampire, who is apparently evil just because he wants to kill Bella, deserves to have four people rip him to death and kill him because he's actually acting like a vampire and not a complete pussy. Hmm.
Do Twilight fans really like this crap? Have they not seen Buffy??? Now, that's a vampire show with drama, chemistry and acting.

...Well, that was without a doubt one of the worst films I have ever seen, in any genre, ever. It was utterly without merit and I hate everyone who was involved in it for contributing to my pain. I hate you, Twilight!

Sims 3

I would like to say first that I love the Sims 2. It's a great game and I've been looking forward to the Sims 3, because if they could take a game like the second version and build on it, then it was bound to be good, if not great.


The Sims 3 looks like shit. I hate to be blunt, but it's true. It basically looks one step above the first game, and believe me when I say it isn't my computer: I've spent the past hour changing the settings on it because I thought that might be the problem. Instead, it appears that the game developers have sacrificed the incredibly sharp look of the Sims 2 in favour of a bigger game (no loading to go out into the town) and as a result the game looks terrible. When you factor in the fact that the gameplay is awful (you can barely control what your sim does when they're in a shop etc) then this game gets a rating of 'Hell, no!'.

 Its difficult to get your sim to even look human, let alone like anyone. The customization options on clothes and objects may be cool, but your sim usually ends up looking like a sixty-year old or a prostitute  (or in one case, a sixty-year old prostitute) because of the awful clothes designs. It all looks boxy and jagged and yet, when you try and put the slightest hint of definition in a sim's face, they end up looking all lumpy and weird. And again, it's not just me. If you look at the promoshots for the game, it looks sharp; it short, like S2. But if you go on Sims3 Exchange and look at the customized stuff, you see what I'm seeing when I play the game on my computer. Badness.

Seriously, avoid this crap like the plague. I can't for the life of me understand why this got so many good reviews. My advice is that if you want the Sims, buy the second version and a few of the expansion packs. It looks great, it plays great and its a hell of a lot more involved then this rubbish.

Rant over.
Okay today has been rescued. I have done a little something; please remember that I haven't read any DW since Making Money came out, so if the details are wrong, it's my memory that's wonky, not my brain.


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You know you need to get a life when...

...the most productive thing you've done all day is write a spoof National Enquirer story and post it on a celebrity site.

*hangs head in shame*
I just joined Twitter. Chalk it up to extreme boredom. lol.